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Sweet Chick - High Tide

Sweet Chick

Transporting you back to your childhood one chicken sandwich at a time, Sweet Chick is dedicated to serving up the best American classics with a twist. Restaurateur John Seymour and artist Nas partnered together in 2013 to open their first flagship location in Brooklyn’s Williamsburg neighborhood. Sweet Chick quickly became known for its signature chicken and waffles and cozy unpretentious atmosphere. Since then, Sweet Chick has continued to grow, bringing people together with their unique mix of local hospitality and delicious comfort food.

New locations and an expansion beyond food to apparel and footwear inspired Sweet Chick to call upon High Tide to refresh their existing identity, packaging system, and website. In order to step away from the crowded fast food space, we drew inspiration from the brand's hip hop roots, 1970s American diner aesthetics, and paired it with their quintessential brand mascot, Eggbert. As a result, a bold but lovable identity was born.

Photographer: Dylan Nelson

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