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Miss Grass - High Tide

Miss Grass

Miss Grass is a women’s lifestyle brand designed for the modern cannabis consumer. Driven by their mission to normalize cannabis, Miss Grass educates on the science, history, culture, and products that work best—all in the spirit of conscious consumption. 

High Tide was invited to redefine the brand’s visual expression in partnership with Miss Grass’ internal team. The goal was to update and elevate the brand to match its bold ambitions for the future. The result is a brand identity fueled and inspired by their audience: women who are free-spirited, creative, and courageous enough to show up just as they are. Candid and striking photography of authentic and relatable women pairs with an offbeat and eclectic color palette. A mix of elegant serif and modern sans typography threads the needle between classic and contemporary, with artful illustrations and an iconic brand mark rounding out an identity that feels both fresh and enduring.

In collaboration with: Vedros Studio
Wordmark: Meryl Vedros