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Bloom - High Tide


With the spread of state-level legalization and decriminalization, the rapidly growing cannabis market has given birth to an enormous range of brands – all vying for attention in a crowded industry. Standing apart from the pack is Bloom, one of Los Angeles’ original cannabis vape brands, which has developed a loyal passionate following over the years through its cutting-edge extraction process and products. In looking to evolve their brand to engage a new audience of nationwide cannabis connoisseurs, Bloom turned to High Tide to create an identity that rethinks the branding rules of a cannabis culture they helped pioneer.

High Tide developed the overall strategy, visual identity, art direction, web design and packaging with an eye toward projecting authority and confidence while avoiding well-worn cannabis industry tropes. Each part of the brand grew from the idea of plant potential, communicating the original plant essence while celebrating and respecting broader cannabis benefits. Confidently leaning into a bold brand red hero color allowed Bloom to stand out from a sea of sameness in the cannabis world, while the modernist icon system we created, designed for each strain, works to create a clear and easily recognizable navigation system for consumers.

Photography: Sergiy Barchuk & Ethan Gulley

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