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Backstage - High Tide


A trusted resource in the entertainment industry since 1960, the Backstage newspaper and magazine has launched the careers of countless actors and performers. As the brand moved into the digital realm, it saw an opportunity to evolve its offerings. High Tide was invited to help Backstage redefine its brand strategy, architecture and expression so that, moving into the future, its presence would match its ambition.

A deep dive into strategy resulted in a layered and contemporary brand expression. At the heart of the work is a more expansive audience than just performers. Backstage supports the people who bring creativity to life - crew members and content creators alike. During the research phase of the engagement, we unearthed a heritage mark the company had used in their printed periodicals during the 1960’s. Once we crafted a refined version optimized for the digital world, we offset it with a playful and expressive graphic language and eclectic color palette. The additional mix of bold and classic typography in the system further helps reinforce their credibility and complements the candid and upbeat photography. The resulting identity has allowed them to cement their leadership position in the category, while redefining their role within the entertainment industry as a whole.

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