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Sophie Ratner - High Tide

Sophie Ratner

Sophie Ratner, founded in 2016, is a women-led jewelry studio dedicated to creating fine jewelry to be worn everyday in every setting. Sophie Ratner blends traditional craftsmanship and contemporary design, made with the highest ethical standards, to create pieces that are thoughtful and designed to inspire the wearer.

Sophie Ratner partnered with High Tide to refresh their existing brand, differentiating them in the jewelry space as they entered a new phase of growth. Taking cues from their dedicated craftsmanship, we developed a sophisticated wordmark and a distinct identity that hinted at their iconic jewelry pieces. We played on the juxtaposition of delicate jewelry for bold women to create a visual language that is both refined yet still distinct. This stepped away from traditional jewelry brands, staying true to the brands belief that the accessories we wear should be for everyday and every occasion.

Photography: Stella Berkofsky and Emma Anderson