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Sijo - High Tide


Sijo is a bedding and sleepwear brand focused on improved sleep performance through material innovation. Since its founding, Sijo has been driven by a mission to create the most effective technical sleep textiles that promote sleep health, support a more luxurious and comfortable sleep experience and are made from materials that have significantly less environmental impact. 

Sijo called on High Tide to create a new identity that would further establish their difference and better align the brand to launch increasingly sophisticated innovations. To help Sijo grow into this ambitious new phase, we created a comprehensive new design system spanning strategy, visual identity, web, packaging, social as well as numerous other physical and digital touchpoints. The new design conveys Sijo’s unique hybrid of technical and sensual expertise while laying a strong foundation for the brand to grow as the definitive source of performance sleep textiles.

Photography: Alexander Kilian

Set Design: Greta Billstein