February 26, 2018

High Tide Sound System: Volume 4


We’ve released our fourth volume of High Tide Sound System. Follow us on Spotify at hightideny to listen along. The playlist was curated by Danny Miller and the artwork was created by Allison Filice.


01       Man from Shooters Hill  The Soul Syndicate

02       When Your Parents Go To Sleep  Kevin Ayers

03       This Love, Pt.1  Bobby Oroza

04       Les Fleurs  Minnie Riperton

05       I’m So Happy Now  Willie Wright

06       James Bay  Lloyd Cheechoo

07       Pretty Please  The Triplet Twins

08       GOD.  Kendrick Lamar

09       Draft Morning  The Byrds

10       Do Your Thing  Moondog

We asked Allison where she got her inspiration for the cover art.

“I got a positive feel from the music, the confident and calm type of positivity that comes with self awareness and growth. Almost like someone who has taken a peek behind the veil of reality, and is trying to bring this knowledge back to the world in a digestible kind of way (kinda like Thus Spoke Zarathustra by Nietzsche).”

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